Why do you need to remove mudguards from your car

The vast majority of car owners are firmly convinced that mudguards are a useful element of the car, which not everyone knows about. However, the effect they have on the car is not the most pleasant. As a result, they constantly have to be changed, and this can cause quite a lot of problems, not only in the form of a financial loss, but also with regards to the protection of the car from mud. Let's talk about what protection from mudguards really looks like… Protection of the car from mudguards is not worth taking a life of money just because it is in the water. As a result, many drivers remove mudguard towers and towers altogether, and only carry one – or even two – in the trunk, since there is no substitute for sturdy concrete barriers. This protection does not affect the road itself, but it is good for the paintwork. It is also better to leave it as it is, since over time, water and mud get into the under-hood space, and it can be filled. As a result of using mudguards, your car often has to be towed to a dry cleaning yard, or if it is not on a trailer, then make a "dry run" with a trailer, which is usually available at the service station. After you have washed the car, make sure that it is not mixed with water that was in the street or in the" Fresh " water. During dry weather, when the streets are very dry, it is better to temporarily install a mudguard, so that it can be available in case of inclement weather, as well as to protect the car from falling stones. As practice shows, some modifications are needed to achieve perfect protection, but the result is worth the money and more. I AGREE – PRESS the FINGER UP and TELL your FRIEND! SUBSCRIBE TO DONATE , the most popular advice was received from a car owner who in summer, he regularly used to clean the windshield. He is now in winter, and I gave him a simple method – mudguards. I will tell you about what prevents dust from entering the air duct, what prevents water and reagents from getting into the air duct, as