Why do you need to drive without a decorative cover up to the car wash

On vehicles with leather upholstery, you will often come to the car wash with a question: "And how do you like it so much?" And if the answer is a "very" or "some" – then you need to know the reason. It would seem that no one cleans the engine. And since cleaning is quite a labor, it doesn't make much money. And even if you make it work, you will have to do it every two or three times. And for someone like me, who donates time and effort, it can be worth while. But if you do it correctly, then it can be a very profitable for the car owner. In , every three or four years, the engine is cleaned in the same water, with the same chemicals and in the same places. on the inside and out . In the good years, you can say that they are used up. The principle of action: In the water, there is a very small amount of sediment, which is left over from washing the engine. So after the cleaning process, the engine is cleaned, it is washed again, and then treated with a chemical meant for cleaning. This means that the cleaning process does not have to be perfect, and it is enough to use ordinary water. The cleaning process itself is an active one, as it is believed to remove dirt that has formed in the water. And after that, you can safely wash the engine. I and all my friends most often use dishwashing liquid (and not just in the bathroom), because it is it allows you to remove dirt quickly and without a lot of cleaning. And the price is right! The information was helpful – and SHARE it with a friend! Don't forget so that you don't miss the following useful recommendation.